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Friday, 21 September 2018

Narrative Draft + Narrative Plan

What I learned was me trying out new stuff and using speech marks and doing more and big paragraphs to do my work, but when you do your work you have to move away from other people who are annoying you.

I thought it was easy when my teacher told me what to do and she gave me an example to use things that i have never did before but when i went i thought to myself if this will be hard but i encouraged myself to challenge but i tried myself to never give up on something easy like this.

I thought it was hard doing all of this because i had to right all of though's paragraphs but paragraph 3 was the biggest paragraph out of them all but the rest was easy because the rest had an example for me to do them and do the right thing.

I was talking about what my character does if he is in a fight he found who did something with his family but i learned to do plans with groups in sentences and my character is 8 foot tall but if his legs get wrapped then sasuke ambush's people when they get distracted by Gaara after that they say team work makes the dream work.

When Gaara fights by himself he has to watch the others hiding from Gaara check out the plan to see what the rest of the sentences is or the rest of the plan so you can talk about it and you can probably make one like me tell your teacher if you can make one in your free time or you can draw a picture like my character Gaara.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Learning Reflection

I learned that when your on a boat there's a hull that bit is hollow.

I thought it was hard when i read it because i tried to read it so it can make sense.

It was easy when i got to the end then i read it, then it made sense when i reread it.

It was fun when I went outside to get an example because when i went outside with a orange and we put it in a bucket with water.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Learning Reflection

I learnt when plants need water and they need.
I looked at the plants and it was easy because it gave me clues to what I'm doing.
It was fun when we touch the plant we call hedgehog because it was spiky and it had a weird feeling.
The whole activities were easy.  

Monday, 13 August 2018

😈Maths Slideshow😈

My friends help me do it but they took the photos and I helped them do the answer.

It was easy when i was helping them with this 1 question it was easy because rounding compensating.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Rubbish project

I liked how my friend were helping what to do and he, and my other two friends were helping film.

It was easy because my friend was holding the paper, the paper was helping us what to say.

I learned how to use the rubbish bins and how we can save the world instead of being rude and littering.