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Monday, 26 November 2018

SLJ Paying it Forward

Paying It Forward If i could travel back in time in the 1930s i would give people better furniture to be more like at home then a rouged house or a better car and a little bit of money but i wouldn't just give all of those to 1 person i would help everybody out but if i can't then people can be more like me they could share some of there knew furniture and they could a house together like roommates but if people can't share they might not get knew furniture they might not get anything because if there one of those people who don't get knew stuff then they might not get a better future because if they don't talk nicely then they might not get anything but i want them to get a better future and be more like 2018 people sharing and being kind to each other but if you don't share then you can tell this to yourself, Sharing is careing and it will convince you to share and be more kind to others and they could get a better job, better clothes, paycheck and all kind of stuff.

                                                                     THE END

Friday, 2 November 2018

Te Reo LR

we are learning to try and learn Te reo by making a video and doing it with screencastify and making te reo words so can read them in English then we do the te reo bit so we can learn to be a moari when we get older and do haka like the big boys and big girls.


I can get used to the smell but sometimes not because it stinks like mould cheese but we were trying to talk about germs and each spot was dirty but the crust wasn't do you know why? We are trying to figure out why the crust is only a little bit dirty but not dirty heaps and not as much as the soft wheat bit.
also the right side on the bread doesn't have black on it but i'm trying to improve my work so when i'm in intermediate i can already be ready for 20,000 novel book.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Ken & Nov Maths

When I tried to find ten numbers up to 100 i thought i had to  and the second slide was for just getting more math in there so i could learn more stuff in high school to improve my work on trying more stuff to learn and i'm still working on this meters stuff a little bit to improve my work.